Here you can book in for a consultation with Renee, at our Bath Clinic or over Skype.

                                                                                                She provides :

     Nutrition Consultations

This consultation includes an assessment of your current relationship with food, a nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals, and discussion on further support. 

    Specialist Sports Nutrition Consultations

This consultation involves providing a nutrition plan tailored to your training load and volume. There is also the ability to check key biomarkers to support progression and identify potential overtraining and risk of injury.

    Specialist Eating Disorder Consultations 

For an initial consultation you will receive a nutritional intervention, an assessment of your current condition and discussion on which support package would help you the most.  

It involves providing a mixture of nutrition counselling and behaviour therapy to help you reframe your ED mindset but also to start challenging the negative narratives and perceptions of yourself that are maintaining you in a dysfunctional relationship with food.

If you decide to follow up with us we have discounted bundles, which would run over a bespoke time period. You will get the option for a support email in between sessions. 

As we appreciate everybody has tough moments on the road to recovery, if you require further support over the phone one of our team will be available to book a support call at an extra cost

Start Loving the WHOLE You

I offer five packages all with the aim to help you achieve a healthy attitude towards health, fitness and food.