The UK’s first Sport and Dance RED-s, Overtraining and Eating Disorder Specific recovery clinic. 
Together we are bringing you Endocrine Nutrition Specialist Practice In Restoring Equilibrium. 
The aim of the clinic is to act as a one stop shop helping you to get back to your sport or dance discipline as a mentally and physically more resilient individual. 
Operating from Bath and now London, this unique service means you can build your package around your needs guided by our expert team. 
We offer joint endocrine and nutritional assessments providing you with information about your physical health while providing you with practical strategies to restore equilibrium in the form of:
  • Bespoke nutritional counselling and behaviour management.
  • Referral for and reporting of blood tests and DXA scans as medically indicated 
  • Access to onsite physiotherapist and Strength and conditioning 
  • Injury rehab packages based on blood biomarkers 
  • Discussion with coach to help you with a phased return back to training