Renee McGregor on #TRAINBRAVE & Running Ultras

In a Q&A with Katie from Renee talks about running ultras and  #TRAINBRAVE.

Renee McGregor is a sports and eating disorders dietitian and author who works with elite athletes, Olympians and Paralympians. A specialist in eating disorders, earlier this year Renee co-founded #TRAINBRAVE with athlete Tom Fairbrother to raise awareness of ED in sport, address the culture that contributes to it and encourage openness.

An accomplished ultra-runner herself, Renee is a two-time finisher of the seven-day Manaslu trail race (220km through the Himalayas) and has completed, amongst many other ultras, the Gower 50 ultramarathon. We cover this, #TRAINBRAVE and more in this Q&A.

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