Chloe Hodgkinson
BA (Hons)
Level 3 Personal Trainer
ILM Level 5 Coaching

Chloe Hodgkinson, personal trainer & support coach

Chloe is a personal Trainer and Coach with her own previous experience with disordered eating and relative energy deficiency. After fully recovering and healing her relationship with food and exercise she turned to social media to raise awareness on amenorrhea before training to become a coach to help clients of the Renee McGregor team during their recovery. Chloe works with individuals to get back to training after amenorrhea as well as staying on track with their recovery and supporting them on that journey. Chloe has a keen interest in self development and holistic practices as well as training for performance in CrossFit. She loves nothing more than seeing someone go from calorie obsessed to fuelled and performing in their sport.