The Female Athlete Training Diary


The Female Athlete Training Diary is about helping you understand your hormones, and the effect they can have on your training and performance. Often something overlooked, since so many studies are based on men, is that we as women are different and so the way we train should be too.
In the book I’ll explore the different phases of your menstrual cycle, and how best to support each with the correct nutrition and respect the body deserves when training to best support your cycle. We’ll explore what a basic food diary could look like, as well as the issues some face when the correct respect is not given to our bodies to your body and we find ourselves with irregular or an absent cycle.
This ebook is about supporting and educating you and I could not be more excited to share it.

Further information

While there is an abundance of information on sports nutrition, training plans and optimal performance out there, not all said information is relevant to the female body.

With this e-book, Renee has distilled cutting edge scientific advice into an easily afforded and understood e-book, in order to shed some light on this area of nutrition in female performance.