Introducing Our New 12 Week Pathway

Made to help you achieve your goals

Achieve your goals

Whether you are looking to achieve optimal performance for a specific event, find balance between training, work and home or need support with recovery from a dysfunctional relationship with food and your sport; we are on hand to guide you, help you to be accountable and develop into sustainable athletes.

Expert Practitioners

Weekly Reviews

3x Group Sessions

Motivational Reflection

Over the 3 month period, you will have weekly contact with Kriss Hendy discussing your training needs based on your initial assessment. You will also have 3x monthly group sessions with Renee, looking at energy requirements, your beliefs and behaviour around food, through a series of motivational and questioning tasks.

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13 November 2020
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Your bespoke plan

We encourage you to use our specially designed biomarker profile to help identify your physical health status which will then be used, along side your nutrition and training assessment to develop the support you require.



The 12 Week Pathway

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Genuine results

Find out how we've helped develop others into sustainable athletes with our 12 week strength and performance training program...

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