Medical Review with Dr. Nicky


These appointments are for up to an hour discussion and review with Dr. Nicky, and will include a summary letter, outlining a suggested plan.

During the appointment we will discuss what has been going on for you and discuss your concerns and objectives. This will include explanation of any medical results such as blood tests, DXA, ultrasound etc. Once the underlying issues have been identified, we will come up with an outline plan of what to do next. This will include suggested modifications to eating and training patterns. This may also include referral for further investigations where clinically indicated and further input from Renee or her colleagues.

In order to get the most out of your appointment it is advisable to have a recent set of blood tests. Dr Nicky is the Chief Medical Officer of Forth Edge, a mail order blood test service, and you can get appropriate blood tests at a discount. These blood tests can be capillary (i.e. finger prick) in most instances making this a convenient way to get done. Otherwise a mobile phlebotomy service is available.

Email the support team if you require more information.

Whilst we are happy to provide all necessary details to clients wishing to claim back the cost of a session via insurance, payments must be made in full prior to your appointment.
We are registered with all major providers.

Further information

Dr Nicky studied at Cambridge University and is a medical doctor at with extensive clinical research experience in sport and dance endocrinology. This includes working with range of athletes and dancers of all age and variety of levels from recreational to professional. Dr Nicky works closely with Renee and wrote the British Association Sport and Exercise Medicine website