Follow Up Bundle


These packages are for follow up consultations with Renee or another of our team. We will help explore the right nutritional treatment for you, in a private one to one setting at our clinic in Bath or from you own home.

Whilst we are happy to provide all necessary details to clients wishing to claim back the cost of a session via insurance, payments must be made in full prior to your appointment.
We are registered with all major providers.

Further information


How we can help

Our Sports Nutrition consultations are able to identify the best way to get you to the athlete you want to be. Using Renee’s extensive knowledge and experience base, we can focus on getting the right balance for your personal ecosystem, targeting key nutrients and structuring your training accordingly. This will include a nutrition plan tailored to your training load and volume. There is also the ability to check key biomarkers for an additional cost to support progression and identify potential over training and risk to injury.

Our Specialist Eating Disorder consultations involve providing a mixture of nutrition counselling and behaviour therapy to help you reframe your ED mindset but also to start challenging the negative narratives and perceptions of yourself that are maintaining you in a dysfunctional relationship with food. We appreciate how much of a step it is to acknowledge that you are struggling and reach out for support, and we want to provide the best possible setting to your recovery.

Appointment length is 60 minutes.

If you have not already arranged a date with us we will be in touch to arrange your session. Be aware that due to high demand, we are often booked up at least a month in advance, however we will always try and get you seen as soon as possible.