An Evening with… Renee Mcgregor and Kimberley Wilson


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The term comfort eating is used liberally in today’s society and often carries negative connotations.

Join us online for an evening where we deep dive into the psychology and physiology of consuming comfort food.

We will look at where the term ‘comfort food’ originated and help understand how our responses and interpretations around comfort eating impact our relationships with food but also ourselves.

We will provide practical and informative strategies to help you manage your thoughts and practice around eating, removing guilt and regret.

Limited Spaces Available so book now to avoid disappointment. We will record the event and send the recording to anyone who purchases a ticket and wishes to have a copy.


After registering, you will receive a unique link 24 hours in advance to access the event online. This event will be hosted on Google Meets, please refer to their privacy policy before joining the event.

The event will take place between 7pm and 8pm BST. If you are joining us from outside the United Kingdom, you may use this time zone converter to check your local streaming time.