Body Image Masterclass

Body image is something so many struggle with silently, unknowing as to whether they have a ‘problem’ or not. We want you to know, it’s ok to struggle, we want to support you with our ‘Body Image Masterclass’.

We’re humans, we’re quick to criticise ourselves, it’s normal behaviour. What’s not normal is for it to become destructive or obsessive. During this workshop, Rory and I will explore the different type of behaviours and emotions you may experience, and how you should manage them. We’ll host this on Zoom, and video will be totally optional should you wish to attend this anonymously. This is a safe space, a support network and an opportunity for you to get a grasp on any behaviours that may be taking a hold of you during these difficult times. We are here for you.

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29 Nov 2020


11:00 am - 1:00 pm






Renee McGregor