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13th February, 2018

BBC Radio 5 Live – The Emma Barnett Show

In this talk Renee discusses veganism and how it can sometimes be used as a method to remove food groups and thus disguise an eating disorder such as Orthorexia.


January 16th, 2018

Talks at Google – Orthorexia: When Health Eating Goes Bad

In this talk Renee discusses the confusion around how best to nourish ourselves especially with so many restrictive diets crowding the bookshop shelves, social media and online.

13th February, 2018

BBC – Orthorexia: My ‘healthy food’ eating disorder.

Eloise du Luart discusses how she developed an unhealthy relationship with food and the effects of Orthorexia.

3rd December 2017

Natacha Oceane – Importance of the Menstrual Cycle for Health

In this talk Renee chats with Natacha Oceane about the importance of the menstrual cycle and the effects of diet and exercise on its function.

1st October, 2017

Conversation with Asics Frontrunner UK Community Manager

In this talk Renee discusses all things exercise and nutrition with Holly Rush, Olympic Athlete and Asics Frontrunner UK Community Manager.

1st September, 2017

Renee McGregor – What are the Signs of Orthorexia?

In this short talk Renee discusses the signs of Orthorexia and introduces her new book, Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Goes Bad.



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