Debate or Cult:
The Clean Eating Movement

Posted by – Renee McGregor – 11/01/2018

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@mcgregor_renee - 8 months

RT : Great weekend check out the link for the programme and get involved

@mcgregor_renee - 8 months

RT : Trying to lose weight but keep your muscle? Protein intake's important - but so is keeping up resistance or endurance typ…

@mcgregor_renee - 8 months

RT : What a great weekend! Many thanks for the opportunity, @mcgr…

@mcgregor_renee - 8 months

Funny enough just in process of working on your plan for next week 👍

@mcgregor_renee - 8 months

RT : Really looking forward to working with and see how i can get out of the current “rut” with progress & work…